Finally, Everspace 2 is available for PC gaming! After 5 years, this space game was only Early Access and finally the final version is officially available among Steam PC games, now you can buy and play it. After launching only on the Steam Deck, Everspace 2 release date will be available on Xbox and Playstation consoles this summer of 2023.

Well, maybe it is one of the best games on Steam and not to mention the other platforms, the end of Early Access on PC and consoles means a price increase (obviously) but also more content, history, improvements and hours of gameplay.

For those who don’t know about this space game (sarcasm)… Developed for Rockfish Games, Everspace 2 presents us with a sci-fi space video game about shooting, universe exploration and spaceship combat. Trust me, you only need this short description so that you can imagine the immersive RPG and the exciting hours that are waiting for you.

Now take a look at the PC Launch Trailer

By the way, Xbox Games Pass has us used to launching new games that are not included in the monthly games list, this time it has added 2 new last-minute games to the April 2023 catalog. PC Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the full version of Everspace 2 and an old acquaintance Iron Brigade.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have a nice game!

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